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Knowledge is Power
MCSS researches and reports on the latest school safety issues in an effort to keep our students, parents, school officials and law enforcement up-to-date on what is happening. More text here explaining what you will find in the library and why it is so important.
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Prevention Begins With You
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How to Help a Peer: Start a Conversation

A peer is someone just like yourself, living life, enjoying the pleasures and encountering the struggles just as you are.

At times they are in a position to see things you are encountering from a different view, and may see you struggling. Just as you may be in a position to see them struggling.

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two teen girls talk in a classroom
Make a Difference
"Everyone has a part to play in keeping our schools safe - our job is to make sure people have the right tools they need to do that."
Edward A. Clarke
Executive Director
Maryland Center for School Safety
Case Studies
Case Studies
Learn from others who are implementing new school safety topics. Read Case Studies
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